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Gypsy Suite Englewood-Time & TideSoiree

24th September 90 - Slow Dance - Phillips, Anthony 16

Slow Dance (Part 1)
Slow Dance (Part 2)

24th August 92 - Private Parts & Pieces VIII New England - Phillips, Anthony 17

Infra Dig
La Dolarosa
New England Suite (i)
New England Suite (ii)
New England Suite (iii)
Last Goodbyes
Sunrise And Sea Monsters
Cathedral Woods
If I could Tell You
Jaunty Roads
Pieces Of Eight (i) Pressgang
Pieces Of Eight (ii) Sargasso
Pieces Of Eight (iii) Sea-Shanty
In The Maze
Unheard Cry
Now They've All Gone

May 94 - Sail The World - Phillips, Anthony 18

Opening Theme
Fast Work
Dark Seas
Cool Sailing
Wildlife Choir
I Wish This Would Never End
Opening Theme - Demo Mix
Roaring Forties
Lonely Whales
Majestic Whales
In The Southern Ocean
The Fremantle Doctor
Long Way From Home
Wildlife Flotilla
Big Combers
Cool Sailing II
Cape Horn
Amongst Mythical Birds
Into The Tropics
In The Doldrums
Heading For Home & Victory

15th June 94 - Missing Links Volume 2 The Sky Road - Phillips, Anthony 19

Lifeboat Suite: Opening Theme - Sunday Morning - Another Shout - Across The Sandbar - Storm Warning~Kim Waits - The Rescue Of The Janet C - Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up - Closing Theme
The Bitter Suite: Part I - Part II
Across The River Styx
A Flock Of Souls
Along The Towpath
The Sky Road
Tears On A Rainy Day
Tiwai:Island Of The Apes: Bats - In The Firmament
Wild Voices, Quiet Water Suite: Twilight On The Lake - Winterloons - Waterstar
Field Of Eternity (Excerpts From Original Version)
The Beggar And The Thief

January 95 - Gypsy Suite - Phillips, Anthony 20

Gypsy Suite (Recorded March 1978): Movement I: First Light
Movement II: Siesta
Movement III: Evening Circle
Movement IV: The Crystal Ball
Tarka (Movement I Recorded May 1975, Movement II Recorded April 1976): Movement I: The Early Years
Movement II: (a) Streams River And Salmon Hunting
Movement II: (b) Dunes & Estuary
Movement II: (c) Moonfield - Postscript

15th May 95 - The "Living Room" Concert - Phillips, Anthony 21

Which Way The Wind Blows
Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times
Conversation Piece
Field Of Eternity
Lights On The Hill
Last Goodbyes

16th October 95 - Anthology - Phillips, Anthony 22

The Women Were Watching
Prelude '84
The Anthem From Tarka
Lucy Will
Tregenna Afternoons
Unheard Cry
A Catch At The Tables
Lights On The Hill
Now What?
Um & Aargh
Slow Dance (Opening)
Tears On A Rainy Day
God If I Saw Her Now
Last Goodbyes
Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West

4th November 96 - Private Parts & Pieces IX Dragonfly Dreams - Phillips, Anthony 23

Part 1:Openers
In The Valleys
Something Blue
Under The Ice
Sarah Blakeley's Evening
She'll Be Waiting
Still Time
Part II Hills Of Languedoc
Luigi Palta's Confession
The Tears Of Pablo Paraguas
Melancholy Flower
Night Song
Chinese Walls
Old faithful
Summer Ponds And Dragonflies
Lost And Found

97 - The Meadows Of Englewood - Phillips, Anthony 24

Peggy In The Skies Without Diamonds
The Meadows Of Englewood
Lucy: An Illusion
The Agent Mulder Never Resolves A Single Case
She’ll Be Waiting
The Circle (excerpts)
Picaresca (12 String Improvisation)
I Wish This Would Never End (Studio Version - Bonus Track) [Early CD Issue]
Ocho Pomelos Con Pimienta...Prestame Un Mango, Pibe!

July 97 - Missing Links Volume 3 Time And Tide - Phillips, Anthony 25

Peruvian Plains
Manatee Garden
Turtle Race
Indio Wedding
Underwater Forest
Fiesta Del Charangos
Slow Hand Sloth
River Chase
Sacred Kingdom
African Dream
Bedouin Train
Kalahari March
Schuan Journey
Slow Boat To China
Back In The Land Of Dragons
Shadow Puppet
Sea Jewel
End Theme For Five
Minnow Dance
Sunken Galleons
Haunting The Dark Sea
Time And Tide
Under Desert Stars
Lost In A Desert Night
Blue Lagoons

26th July 97 - Survival The Music Of Nature (d) - Phillips, Anthony 26

Disc 1: Survival Theme
Citizen Of The Coral
Valley Beneath The Sea
Kingdom Of The Deep: Dwellers Of The Deep
Suite For Silver Shoals
Dreams Of Mermaids
Sonata For The Seal
Creatures Of The Ocean
Glide With a Manatee
Song Of The River
Kingdom Of The Sun: In The Realm Of The Elephant
The Rhythm Of Hell's Gate
In The Heart Of Africa
Animal Outback
Empire Of The Plains
East Of Eden
Amazonian Market Day
Apalachian Heights
Madagascar - Isle Of Hope
Mountains Of The Snow Leopard
Disc 2: The Tarantulas Reach
Amazonian Journey
Web Of The Spider Monkey
Kingdom Of The Wild: Dragons At Play
Andes Landscape
Night Raiders
Queen Of The Beasts
Red In Tooth And Claw
Leaders Of The Pack
The Gorilla's Shattered Kingdom
Kingdom Of The Sky: Wings Of The World
Humming Bird Calypso
Flight Of The Snow Geese
Fly To The Stars
Angel Of The Orient
Mysterious Skies
Sumatra Dawn
Through The Eyes Of An Eagle

21st March 98 - The Archive Collection Volume 1 (d) - Phillips, Anthony 27

Disc 1: Back To Pluto (1987)
Promenade (Alternate Version 1986)
Take This Heart (Demo 1972)
Besides The Waters Edge (Demo 1977)
The Geese & The Ghost (Kiddies Mix 1975)
Which Way The Wind Blows (Alternate Version 1974)
Rowey Song (1972)
Lucy Will (Demo 1978)
God If I Saw Her Now (Demo 1970)
In Memoriam AD (Demo 1970)
Hunt Song (Demo 1977)
Rule Britannia Closing Theme (1981)
Exocet (Instrumental Mix 1983)
Study In G (1978)
Holy Deadlock (Vocal Mix 1978)
Catch You When You Fall (1978)
F Sharp (Demo 1969)
The Geese And The Ghost (Demo 1969)
F Sharp 2 (Demo 1969)
Rowey Reprise (1972)
Slow Dance (Single Demo 1990)
The Burnt-Out Cattle Truck Hits The Road (1990)
The Women Were Watching (Instrumental Mix 1983)
Disc 2: KIP PJ (1978)
Queen Bettine (Demo 1972)
What Is The Meaning (Demo 1969)
Farewell (Demo 1969)
Cradle Song (1979)

1st November 99 - Private Parts & Pieces X Soiree - Phillips, Anthony 28

Sad Ballerina
Final Lights
Sultry Leaves
Venetian Mystery
The Oregon Trail
Fallen Flower (Dedicated To The Memory Of Diana, Princess Of Wales)
Noblesse Oblige
Hope Of Ages
Rain Suite
After You Left
Summer's Journey


November 90 - Shaking The Tree Sixteen Golden Greats - Gabriel, Peter 9

Solsbury Hill
I Don't Remember
Family Snapshot
Mercy Street
Shaking The Tree
Don't Give Up
San Jacinto
Here Comes The Flood
Red Rain
Games Without Frontiers
Shock The Monkey
I Have The Touch
Big Time

28th September 92 - Us - Gabriel, Peter 10

Come Talk To Me
Love To Be Loved
Blood Of Eden
Only Us
Washing Of The Water
Digging In The Dirt
Fourteen Black Paintings
Kiss That Frog
Secret World

30th August 94 - Secret World Live (d) - Gabriel, Peter 11

CD 1: Come Talk To Me
Across The River
Slow Marimbas
Shaking The Tree
Red Rain
Blood Of Eden
Kiss That Frog
Washing Of The Water
Solsbury Hill
CD 2: Digging In The Dirt
Secret World
Don't Give Up
In Your Eyes


November 90 - Serious Hits Live - Collins, Phil 6

Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Who Said I Would
One More Night
Don't Lose My Number
Do You Remember
Another Day In Paradise
Seperate Lives
In The Air Tonight
You Can't Hurry Love
Two Hearts
Groovy Kind Of Love
Easy Lover
Take Me Home

8th November 93 - Both Sides - Collins, Phil 7

Both Sides Of The Story
Can't Turn Back The Years
I've Forgotten Everything
We're Sons Of Our Fathers
Can't Find My Way
We Fly So Close
There's A Place For Us
We Wait And We Wonder
Please Come Out Tonight

21st October 96 - Dance Into The Light - Collins, Phil 8

Dance Into The Light
That's What You Said
Just Another Story
Love Police
Wear My Hat
It's In Your Eyes
Oughta Know By Now
Take Me Down
The Same Moon
River So Wide
No Matter Who
The Times They Are A-Changin'

5th October 98 - ...Hits - Collins, Phil 9

Another Day In Paradise
True Colors
Easy Lover
You Can't Hurry Love
Two Hearts
I Wish It Would Rain Down
Against All Odds
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
Separate Lives
Both Sides Of The Story
One More Night
Dance Into The Light
A Groovy Kind Of Love
In The Air Tonight
Take Me Home

24th May 99 - A Hot Night In Paris - Collins, Phil 10

That's All
Invisible Touch
Hold On My Heart
Chips & Salsa
I Don't Care Anymore
Against All Odds
Pick Up The Pieces
The Los Endos Suite

11th October 99 - Walt Disney Pictures Presents Tarzan An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack - Collins, Phil 11

Two Worlds
You'll Be In My Heart
Son Of Man
Trashin' The Camp
Strangers Like Me
Two Worlds Resprise
Trashin' The Camp (Phil And 'N Sync version)
You'll Be In My Heart (Phil Version)
Two Worlds (Phil Version)
A Wondrous Place (Score)
Moves Like An Ape, Looks Like A Man (Score)
The Gorillas (Score)
One Family (Score)
Two Worlds Finale


GTR Live

91 - Time Lapse - Hackett, Steve 11

Camino Royale
Please Don't Touch
In That Quiet Earth
Depth Charge
The Steppes
Ace Of Wands
Hope I Don't Wake
The Red Flower Of Tai Chi
The Tower Struck Down
Spectral Mornings

26th October 92 - The Unauthorised Biography - Hackett, Steve 12

Hackett To Pieces
Don't Fall Away From Me
Spectral Mornings
The Steppes
The Virgin & The Gipsy
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Cell 151
Icarus Ascending
Prayers And Dreams
Star Of Sirius
Hammer In The Sand
Ace Of Wands
Hoping Love Will Last

17th May 93 - Guitar Noir - Hackett, Steve 13

Sierra Quemada
Take These Pearls
There Are Many Sides To The Night
In The Heart Of The City
Dark As The Grave
Lost In Your Eyes
Little America
Like An Arrow
Theatre Of Sleep
Walking Away From Rainbows
Paint Your Picture
Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite
Sierra Quemada (Demo)
Take These Pearls (Rough Mix)
In The Heart Of The City (Original Version)
Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (Demo)

19th September 94 - Blues With A Feeling - Hackett, Steve 14

Born In Chicago
The Stumble
Love Of Another Kind
Way Down South
A Blue Part Of Town
Tombstone Roller
Blues With A Feeling
Big Dallas Sky
The 13th Floor
So Many Roads
Solid Ground

96 - There Are Many Sides To The Night - Hackett, Steve 15

Black Light
Skye Boat Song
Time Lapse In Milton Keynes
Beja Flora
Second Chance
Oh, How I Love You
The Journey
Walking Away From Rainbows
Andante In C
Concerto In D (Largo)
A Blue Part Of Town
Ace Of Wands
Cinema Paradiso
End Of Day

28th January 97 - GTR Live - Hackett, Steve 16

Jekyll And Hyde
Here I Wait
Prize Fighter
Hackett To Bits
Spectral Mornings
I Know What I Like
Sketches In The Sun
The Hunter
You Can Still Get Through
Reach Out (Never Say No)
When The Heart Rules The Mind

2nd March 97 - A Midsummer Night's Dream - Hackett, Steve 17

The Palace Of Theseus
A Form In Wax
By Paved Mountain
Set Your Heart At Rest
Within This Wood
In The Beached Margent Of The Sea
Between The Cold Moon & The Earth
Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed
Mountains Turned Into Clouds
The Lunatic, The Lover & The Poet
Lysander & Demetrius
All Is Mended

29th September 97 - Genesis Revisited - Hackett, Steve 18

Watcher Of The Skies
Dance On A Volcano
Valley Of The Kings
Deja Vu
Firth Of Fifth
For Absent Friends
Your Own Special Way
Fountain Of Salmacis
Waiting Room Only
I Know What I Like
Los Endos

27th April 98 - The Tokyo Tapes (d) - Hackett, Steve 19

CD 1: Watcher Of The Skies
Riding The Colossus
Firth Of Fifth
Camino Royale
The Court Of The Crimson King
Walking Away From Rainbows
Heat Of The Moment
CD2: In That Quiet Earth
Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite
I Talk To The Wind
Shadow Of The Hierophant
Los Endos
Black Light
The Steppes
I Know What I Like
Firewall (Studio Track)
The Dealer (Studio Track)

26th April 99 - Darktown - Steve Hackett - 20

Omega Metallicus
Man Overboard
The Golden Age Of Steam
Days Of Long Ago
Dreaming With Open Eyes
Twice Around The Sun
Rise Again
Jane Austen's Door
Darktown Riot
In Memoriam


April 91 - Word Of Mouth - Mike & The Mechanics 3

Get Up
Word Of Mouth
A Time And Place
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
The Way You Look At Me
Everybody Gets A Second Chance
Stop Baby
My Crime Of Passion
Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen
Before (The Next Heartache Falls)

6th March 95 - Beggar On A Beach Of Gold - Mike & The Mechanics 4

Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
Another Cup Of Coffee
You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Mea Culpa
Over My Shoulder
Someone Always Hates Someone
The Ghost Of Sex And You
Web Of Lies
Plain & Simple
Something To Believe In
A House Of Many Rooms
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
Going, Going..... Home

4th March 96 - Hits - Mike & The Mechanics 5

All I Need Is A Miracle '96
Over My Shoulder
Word Of Mouth
The Living Years
Another Cup Of Coffee
Nobody's Perfect
Silent Running
Nobody Knows
Get Up
A Time And Place
Taken In
Everybody Gets A Second Chance
A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

31st May 99 - Mike & The Mechanics (M6) - Mike & The Mechanics 6

Whenever I Stop
Now That You've Gone
Ordinary Girl
All The Light I Need
What Will You Do
My Little Island
Open Up
When I Get Over You
If Only
Asking (For The Last Time)
Always Listen To Your Heart
Did You See Me Coming
Look Across At Dreamland


May 91 - Still - Banks, Tony 6

Red Day On Blue Street
Angel Face
The Gift
Still It Takes Me By Surprise
Hero For An Hour
I Wanna Change The Score
Water Out Of Wine
Another Murder Of A Day
Back To Back
The Final Curtain

11th September 95 - Strictly Inc - Banks, Tony 7

Don't Turn Your Back On Me
Walls Of Sound
Only Seventeen
The Serpent Said
Never Let Me Know
Charity Balls
Something To Live For
A Piece Of You
Strictly Incognito
An Island In The Darkness


November 91 - We Can't Dance - Genesis 17

No Son Of Mine
Jesus He Knows Me
Driving The Last Spike
I Can't Dance
Never A Time
Dreaming While You Sleep
Tell Me Why
Living Forever
Hold On My Heart
Way Of The World
Since I Lost You
Fading Lights

16th November 92 - Live The Way We Walk Volume 1:The Shorts - Genesis 18

Land Of Confusion
No Son Of Mine
Jesus He Knows Me
Throwing It All Away
I Can't Dance
Hold On My Heart
That's All
In Too Deep
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Invisible Touch

11th January 93 - Live The Way We Walk Volume 2:The Longs - Genesis 19

Old Medley: Dance On A Volcano - Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Musical Box - Firth Of Fifth - I Know What I Like...
Driving The Last Spike
Domino: Part I - In The Glow Of The Night Part II - The Last Domino
Fading Lights
Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea
Drum Duet

1st September 97 - Calling All Stations - Genesis 20

Calling All Stations
Alien Afternoon
Not About Us
If That's What You Need
The Dividing Line
Uncertain Weather
Small Talk
There Must Be Some Other Way
One Man's Fool

22nd June 98 - Archive 1967-75 (4cd) - Genesis 21

CD 1: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Live 24/1/75)
Fly On The Windshield
Broadway Melody Of 1974
Cuckoo Cocoon
In The Cage
The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
Back In N.Y.C.
Hairless Heart
Counting Out Time
Carpet Crawlers
The Chamber Of 32 Doors
CD 2: Lilywhite Lilith (Live 24/1/75)
The Waiting Room
Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
The Lamia
Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
The Colony Of Slippermen (Arrival. A Visit To The Doktor, Raven)
The Light Dies Down On Broadway
Riding The Scree
In The Rapids
CD 3: Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Live - The Rainbow 1973)
Firth Of Fifth
More Fool Me
Suppers Ready
I Know What I Like
Stagnation (BBC Live Recording)
Twilight Alehouse (Single B-Side 1973)
Happy The Man (Single B-Side 1971)
Watcher Of The Skies (Unreleased Single Version 1972)
CD 4: In The Wilderness (Rough Mix Without Strings 1968)
Shepherd (BBC Nightride 1970)
Pacidy (BBC Nightride 1970)
Let Us Now Make Love (BBC Nightride 1970)
Going Out To Get You (Demo 1969)
Dusk (Demo 1969)
Build Me A Mountain (Rough Mix 1968)
Image Blown Out (Demo 1967)
One Day (Demo 1968)
Where The Sour Turns To Sweet (Demo 1968)
In The Beginning (Demo 1968)
The Magic Of Time (Demo 1968)
Hey! (Demo 1968)
Hidden In The World Of Dawn (Demo 1968)
Sea Bee (Demo 1968)
The Mystery Of Flannan Isle Lighthouse (Demo 1968)
Hair On The Arms And Legs (Demo 1968)
She Is Beautiful (demo 1967 ...Later 'The Serpent')
Try A Little Sadness (Demo 1967)
Patricia (Demo 1967 ...Later 'In Hiding')

25th October 99 -Turn It On Again The Hits - Genesis 22

Turn It On Again
Invisible Touch
Land Of Confusion
I Can't Dance
Follow You Follow Me
Hold On My Heart
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
No Son Of Mine
Tonight Tonight Tonight
In Too Deep
Jesus He Knows Me
That's All
Throwing It All Away
The Carpet Crawlers 1999


1999 - Cut - Millionairhead - Wilson, Ray 1

Another Day
Hey, Hey
Shoot The Moon
Young Ones
No Place For A Loser
Space Oddity
I Hear You Calling


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